The Produce at Hooked On Colfax

The Produce at Hooked On Colfax

It’s been over a year since the idea was first conceived, 6 months since a plan was put in place, 2 months since we’ve taken The Produce live and last Saturday was it’s debut. I’ve been living in a great neighborhood near City Park in downtown Denver for over a year and recently traded in my office with a view and 401k plan for some flexibility, a clean palette and a mobile office at my local coffee shop, Hooked On Colfax. What’s great about Hooked On Colfax is the community that surrounds it, the friendly people, a bhakti chai that’s consistent and the ever changing art exhibits. So when i began searching for places to host the first gallery show for The Produce, I didn’t have to look far.

9am Saturday I received a real rude awakening from my rudest friends, Chris Adams & Brandon Johanns, both banging on my door, yelling and waking all those people enjoying a nice Saturday snooze, I sure as hell wasn’t one of them. This was all for a great reason as New Belgium’s Tour De Fat was in town, the only true adult circus.

Here is one of the many things we saw at New Belgium’s Tour De Fat – Devil Dan

Next thing I know it’s 6:30, an hour and a half before the opening and i’ve still got some last minute prep work to do. With some help from my partner in crime, Thea, I was able to get everything ready and still make it in the front door before anyone had really arrived.

Work from AJ McCormick, Tom Bond, Angelo Ray Martinez, Brandon Johanns and Chris Adams hung elegantly on the walls along with The Produce’s first artist shirt series collection. The rest is history, we witnessed some great live music from the likes of Sarah Phillips, Miguel Duran & Sawmill Joe, listen to Chris Adams speak a few precious words about his piece The Machine is Calling, enjoyed some high quality beer and the company of all in attendance.

Thanks to all the artists that were involved, Thea, Miguel, Sarah, Joe, Malissa, Scott and all the Hooked On Colfax employees for making it possible!

Here are a few shots from the day!

Printing "The Machine Is Calling"

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Next opening will be in November with new artist and fresh produce, more details to come.

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